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Are you a manufacturer or merely a trader?

We are both a manufacturer & trading company, we have a sales department and several production factories.

What Is Your Main Product?

Our main products include 201/304 series stainless steel sheets with 2B/BA/HL/8K/Colored/Etched/embossed or customized finish.

How Long Is the Delivery Time?

Usually between 15-30 days, but it can also depends on the specific requirements or quantity required. Please contact us to get the specific time required for your order.

Can You Guarantee for Your Product/Finish?

If our sheets are properly applicated, you will not expected to have any problem in 10 years, however this time can be affected by many aspects(such as how you use it, indoor or outdoor? How is the weather in your area, cold or hot, dry or damp? Your fitting skill can also affect it).
You are always welcomed to contact us for application and maintaining advises.

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